Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prof. dr. Dunia Mladenić

Expert in IoT and AI

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Professor Dunia Mladenić, is the head of the AI laboratory at the Jožef Stefan Institute. She is an expert in the fields of machine learning development, big data analysis, textual and sensory data analysis, as well as IoT and semantic technology techniques. She connects her research with real problems and the business environment.

Among other things, Professor Dunia Mladenić also assesses project proposals for the European Commission and the American National Science Foundation. She is the former President of the Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society and a current member of the Society’s Executive Board. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of ACM Slovenia, the Slovenian subsidiary of the biggest computer association in the world. She volunteered to represent Slovenia on the European Commission initiative ‘EC Enwise Expert Group STRATA-ETAN’ where she worked on improving the role and position of women in European science research and how to increase the number of female participants from target countries in European projects. As she says, science is more a way of life for her than a profession.

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