Ljubljana, Slovenia

Primož Inkret

Specialist in the development of modern communication tools and online solutions

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Primož Inkret is a specialist in the development of modern communication tools and online solutions, and according to the leading Internet and multimedia experts, is one of the best online editors in the world. Primož Inkret has conceived numerous new media, including the first Slovenian interactive online magazine Egoist. In 2010 he was named best editor in the world for conceiving and editing interactive online magazines Pazi nase (Zavarovalnica Triglav) and Carzine (Porsche Slovenia).

He draws his professional know-how from his long experience in marketing, public relations and editing, as well as knowledge acquired at international professional conferences in content marketing and corporate publishing. His in-depth knowledge of classic and new media and company business strategies is the foundation on which he builds his complex concepts for corporate media that properly and creatively connect the needs of the company and target group.

Primož Inkret is the co-founder and partner at the specialised communications agency PM, poslovni mediji, which ensures long-term results for companies based on the strategic use of content marketing tools. He is the founding member of the global association of corporate media publishers, founder of the Slovenian association of corporate media, and founder of the international professional content marketing conference POMP FORUM. He has lectured on the communications approach to content marketing at the University of Ljubljana.