Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nenad Senić

Internationally recognised editor and die-hard print media lover

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Nenad Senić is the creator and editor of many print and digital corporate media, not only in Slovenia, as his broad knowledge has also been recognised abroad, as proven by the international awards that he has won. Since 2011 he has been the European editor of the leading global magazine in content marketing, Chief Content Officer. He has given impressive performances at conferences all over the world, both as speaker and as jury member at award ceremonies. It is not surprising then that the Onalytica portal put him on the list of the top one hundred influencers in content marketing in the world.

In the intertweaving of crossmedia solutions that he creates for his clients, his first love remains print. His enthusiasm for print media can be felt by anyone who meets him. He also passes on his love for his work and broad editorial knowledge as a mentor. His protégées and co-workers say that Nenad is creative, innovative, funny and a little bit sarcastic. But he is never ever boring.