London, Great Britain

Michael Doukanaris

Skilled expert, who has mastered the management of many complex projects simultaneously

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Michael Doukanaris is the Managing Director at SevenC3 in London. Prior to that he was a production and project manager at the The&Partnership agency in London, where he managed to halve the consumption and double the profitability of the production team. As a general project manager, he was responsible for eight other project managers, who collectively delivered 250 creative content pieces per week to their contractor, News UK, which publishes The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. The projects encompassed outdoor advertising as well as advertising on television and radio, in print media, via email, on-line and at points of sale.

Michael Doukanaris was previously employed at the agency where he now holds the leading role. Almost five years ago, he worked at SevenC3 as manager of integrated projects and sources as well as manager of digital projects. As the project manager for digital campaigns, he worked closely with contractors such as McDonald’s, Fujitsu, CIMA, Grant Thornton, Sainsbury’s and Berenberg. It is evident that Michael is capable of managing a large number of different projects and at the same time constantly delivering results in the rapidly changing communications environment, confirmed by those people who have had the opportunity of working with him. Content marketing, in his opinion, is like playing in a rock band: you need to have the talent to succeed and artistic uniqueness. And if you know your audience and what it wants, people will buy your music.