Ljubljana, Slovenia

Igor Savič

An expert with creative and strategic answers to communication challenges

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Igor Savič is a pioneer and one of the key developers of the content marketing concept in Slovenia. He uses his many years of experience in communication, from journalistic and editorial projects, demanding challenges in the fields of public relations and strategic communication, creative and innovative marketing actions and projects, to successfully develop interesting, useful and effective communication solutions. He continues to emphasise that well-informed buyers do not want to fall victim to manipulation through content, which is not in their interest and does not contribute to the quality of their lives, especially if this takes place at a time and in a way that annoys them. This is where and when content marketing begins.

All this experience as an outstanding content expert called for establishing a very special communication agency, namely PM, poslovni mediji, and then a few years later to organise the international communication conference: POMP Forum. Igor Savič works on the most demanding projects and at the same time passes knowledge onto his team. This year’s POMP Forum offers you the opportunity to gain at least some of this knowledge.

Everyone who knows Igor is impressed with his boundless and infectious enthusiasm for seeking creative communicative solutions, creating new contemporary media as well as telling stories and creating content of real value to the user. One can also feel the respect he has for the power of the media and the experts in this field. In listening to a lecture by Igor, one feels enriched, with fresh challenges and interesting answers on the one hand and the complexity of communication on the other. Last, but not least, meeting Igor will remind you why you enjoy doing what you do.