Stockholm, Sweden

Björn Owen Glad

Teacher, mentor and creator in a constantly changing marketing world

Lecture time




Björn says that he has several roles: reader, writer, thinker, speaker and father of two. He spent several years as head of marketing at the largest Scandinavian agency for content marketing, Spoon. His most recent project is starting the new Spoon brand StoryCo dedicated to the education of marketing specialists and agencies trying to compete in a constantly changing marketing world. One could therefore say that he is also a teacher, mentor and creator who moves from one success to another.

He says that his biggest advantage is not having a diploma in marketing. Everything from music school to religious studies, anthropology, African studies and freelance writing have inspired his creativity more than book learning. When it comes to marketing, he believes in content, trust and truth.

Björn is back at POMP Forum in September. An old acquaintance of the Slovenian scene, he can recommend the best wine bar in Ljubljana. If you want to know, go ahead and ask him, making it the cherry on top of his lecture that will no doubt be exceptional.