Vienna, Austria

Alexander Macheck

Editor and specialist in adapting content to specific markets

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Alexander Macheck is Editor in Chief at The Red Bulletin, a Red Bull publication that is one of the most frequently mentioned and well-known examples of content marketing in the world. Alexander is responsible for publication on the global market, and is a specialist in adapting content to specific markets. Despite cultural diversity, he has managed to establish common understanding, shared values or virtues and, most importantly, the trust of the magazine’s readers.

How does he do it? One could say that Alexander Macheck is a man living his magazine and its content. He is active, adventurous and inspiring. In addition to being successful in business, he finds the time for sailing, running and travelling. He also makes time for his family and his dog, and also cooks for the homeless. He is a living inspiration for anyone who knows him, be it as the editor of The Red Bulletin or as a speaker at POMP Forum.