POMP Forum web site collects certain data from visitors with the help of cookies in order to create a better user experience. By confirming the “I agree” button, you are agreeing to the use of cookies for the purposes we describe in this policy.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files saved by websites to users’ devices with which they can access the Internet. They do this in order to identify the individual devices that users have used in accessing. Storing this information is under the control of a browser used by a user who can disable or restrict cookies if desired.

Why are they needed?

So that we can provide user-friendly web services, as the user’s interaction with the website is simpler and faster in this way. There are several reasons for the use of cookies: they store information about the status of each website, help to provide online services (e.g., sign up to e-news, etc.), and collect statistics about the habits of the web user, as they monitor the frequency of creating a website.

By using cookies, the POMP Forum website collects the following website visitors data:

• number of site visitors;
• information to explore how visitors are moving around the page, which allows us to optimize the distribution of content;
• information necessary for the operation of websites;
• Information about the device (brand and type) with which the user accesses the website;
• Information about the operating system (type and version) with which the user accesses the website;
• Information about the Web browser (type and version) with which the user accesses the website;
• information about display settings (e.g. resolution) on which the user uses the site;
• information about language settings;
• information about the pages that were displayed;

• We collect technical information about the device and software in order to ensure the quality and linguistic appropriate display of web pages. Information about the pages that have been displayed is collected for the needs of analytics, which enable us to improve content and user experience. The visitor can not be uniquely identified by using this information at this time, according to state of the art.

By using cookies, the POMP Forum in addition to the above data collected by the website visitors also collects following information about the holder or user account administrator, if it is registered:
• IP address;
• location information or access point of access to the Internet.

This information is collected by the POMP Forum website for user identification purposes, so that it can offer web content that is tailored to his or her desires.

How do you manage cookies?

If you do not agree to the use of cookies on the POMP Forum website, you can choose this option under the cookie notification. You can always accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Setting up cookies can also be completely blocked from your browser for all websites you visit. You can delete cookies that are already stored on your computer. You can change the operation of the web browser in the settings by rejecting the cookie computer or receiving an alert before the cookie is saved. Web browsers use cookies to disable cookies, which are usually found in the Tools or Options menu. You can also read Help in the browser. Learn more about cookie management options in individual browsers here.

How much time do we store information?

This depends on the type of cookie. Sessions cookies expire when you close the web browser. Persistent cookies can only expire after months or years. You can delete cookies yourself in a web browser.

For a better user experience, ad serving and social media, we use the following cookies:
1. Name: _gid
Expiration in days: 1
Value: GA1.2.1770625896.1541673874
Function: Google analytics

2. Name: _ga
Expiration in days: 730
Value: GA1.2.569817024.1541673874
Function: Google analytics

3. Name: fr / Facebook
Expiration in days: 90
Value: 02bWHs1yj2sYT9rqh..Bb5BOS…1.0.Bb5BOS.
Function: Facebook share/Remarketing

4. Name: pll_language
Expiration in days: 365
Value: sl
Function: Language save and detection